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    • What can I do to get organized?

      Chris has a problem. He gets overwhelmed with paper and often misplaces important receipts for his income tax.  Then it comes to tax time, and he runs around frantically trying to find his receipts so that we can claim a vital credit (or deduction) for him. Don't be like Chris. Our services …
    • Why am I not seeing profit as I grow my business?

      There is no simple answer to the question of whether you are seeing profit.   In general, a business should begin to see a profit between three and five years after it starts, but there are other factors that must be taken into account.  Did you finance to acquire your business?&…
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  • Software

    • Having Trouble getting your books done?

      One of the most frequent things we see are clients that are struggling with their bookkeeping systems.  It could be that they have been running the same software on their computer for years and all of a sudden the computer crashes.  It might be that they inherited the software when they …
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    • Are RRSPs da Bomb?

      Yes, I know it looks like hip cool slang, but it's actually a valid question. There are 2 perspectives to your RRSPs - one that they will be a useful pot of money when you're ready to retire, and the other is that they will be a tax bomb ready to explode when the last of you and your spouse pass …
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