What is the client portal?

The client portal is a place where you can securely store your documents electronically.  Think of it as an electronic safety deposit for all your important records.  With a spot on our client portal, you can upload documents, store them on our Canadian based servers, and send or share those documents with your banker or accountant or any other part of your financial services team.

How do I access the portal?

We have a handy video here.  If you would like to use our portal you must first contact us to sign up.  We will set you up and you will get an invitation email that walks you through the set up of a username and password.  After you are set up, click on the "client login" tab at the top right corner of this page and enter your username and password.  From there you can upload documents to your secure area and we can receive and access the documents on our end.  We can also send you documents through the portal which you can securely open from your desktop or smart phone.

How do I sign my returns digitally (Docusign/Digisigner)?

Please see our handy video here.  Signing documents using your computer or smart phone is as easy as 1-2-3.

What are the tax deadlines?

This is a question with many answers.  Please call or contact our office to ensure that you are getting the right answer for your situation.  In general, for a personal tax return, the return is due and all taxes are to be paid by April 30th of the year following your tax year.  If you operate a sole-proprietorship business, that deadline to file without penalties becomes June 15th of the year following your tax year.  If you are incorporated, the deadline to file your corporate tax return is 180 days after the fiscal year end of your corporation with tax to be paid in full before the last day of the third month following your fiscal year end.  There are other deadlines to consider with respect to GST, PST, Payroll deductions and the filing of various slips.

How do I apply for a business number?

If you are newly incorporated in the province of Saskatchewan, it is likely that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has already issued a business number.  If you are not incorporated, applying for a business number can usually be done online within approximately 20 minutes.  In either case, call or contact us and we can help you with this.

I live in Tuktoyaktuk.  Can I use your services?

Okay, so maybe you're not from Tuktoyaktuk, but you don't necessarily live within a reasonable drive of our offices.  That's okay.  We are skilled at working remotely and prepare tax filings for individuals and corporations across Canada.  All you have to do is contact us and we can provide you with options that suit you.  Whether it's use of email, our portal (see above), mailing physical documents or entering your books in one of our cloud software options, we can work with you to get your filings done quickly and efficiently.  If you want to put a face to the voice and name, we also offer Zoom and Teams video conferencing.  Contact us to get started.

Why should I hire an accountant?

$36,312.75.  We estimate that this is how much tax just one of our recent new clients overpaid in taxes over the last 10 years by preparing their own tax returns.  We were able to make adjustments to his prior year tax returns to get him his money back, but this is just a sample of what we as professional accountants can do.  We review and analyze your tax situation and create a plan with you so that you pay the least amount of tax over your lifetime.

Do I have to use your services for all my accounting needs?

We offer a wide range of services from simple summarizing of your books to full bookkeeping, payroll and all tax filings.  We allow you to pick and choose the services we provide so that you can make the most of your hard earned dollars.  We have clients that do their own bookkeeping, but we take care of their tax filings and financial statements.  We have clients that invoice through our cloud accounting software (Quickbooks Online) and let us do the rest of their bookkeeping for them.  We are as flexible as you need us to be to make sure that your deadline work is being filed on time and on budget.  Contact us today for more details.