We prepare the appropriate forms for the Agristability government program for your proprietorship, partnership and corporation.  When the government is done processing the forms, we review the Calculation of Benefits to ensure that there are no errors in the submission or calculation.

Most accounting firms do not give full attention to this program.  We provide a consulting service to review the current and past years submissions and calculations of benefits to ensure that the information that was provided to the program makes sense on a consistency basis and that the results were calculated properly through the years.

Why should I be part of the program, you might ask?  Simple.  If you are a livestock producer who can not participate in Crop Insurance, or a grain producer who does not participate in Crop Insurance, this program is a way to insure your farm from drops in production or prices.  By being part of Agristability, you will also be eligible for Cash Advances on your seeded crops or your livestock and grain inventories on hand - up to $100,000 interest free and another $300,000 at low interest rates.  For a relatively low cost each year, you can save yourself thousands of dollars of interest expense on your seed, fertilizer, pesticides or feed while also insuring your farm against a disaster year.